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Today was my last day of teaching! Its been fun, I've complained about them but they haven't actually been that bad and have learnt quite a lot. I'm actually gonna miss them, well some of them anyway.

Its also my little brothers 18th today, which makes me feel old. I took him to see the Hangover- awesome film, very pretty guy, tigers, everything you need really. It was Nan's 76th yesterday so we went for lunch. It was also Naomi's wednesday, I text her Happy Birthday, but havent sent her card as I want to do it with her present but havent exactly got her present yet. I'm just not sure what to get. We met last year and over Christmas and birthdays it has got steadily more random, she gave me a handmade necklace, I gave her a copy of a signed script of our joint fave TV show, she got me a limited edition signed cast photo, so I got her a moose (she likes moose (mooses, meese, whatever)), so for my birthday she got me a star. An actual star. Not sure what to do. May have to give up on this little spiral and go for a toy moose of something. Any ideas guys?