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Just got back home to Somerset! The train journey was interesting to say the least. I could only take what I could carry, so my bags weighed a ton, as I had to bring back all of my criminal law notes, books, statutes, laptop, and enough smart clothes to last a week. Managed to get on the fIRst train, and find a seat with a table so was able to do some more work on my lecture plans and powerpoint presentations for tomorrow. I left at 11.15 and should have made my connection in Westbury at 12.45. Everything was fine until we hit Bristol. Then there was an hour delay because a conductor didn't turn up so the train couldn't leave. I therefore left Bristol at 12.40pm, and missed my connection at westbury. Duly arrived in Westbury at 1.15pm (which was the time I should have been in Templecombe) and they said due to the delay they'd put on another train to get to Cary- at 2.57pm!!! I wasn't planning on waiting for two hours, so managed to get hold of my parents to give me a lift, so eventually got into Templecombe at 3.30. Fan-blooming-tastic.

Didn't do very well at the competition, but as I didn't train for it, and went drinking the day before, I can't really complain. Not going to do the London international though- if I'm going to fence like an monkey/ drunken 5 year old child, I don't want to embaRrass myself in front of  a load of international fencers....

When I got in I was very glad to find a load of post including some amazing socks from pim2005 :-D They are amazing, thank you!

Now I have to get back to working out how to teach criminal law to a load of 17 year old returning A2 students. So far I have most of a powerpoint and the beginnings of a handout- oh and 10:1 odds on being stabbed in my first week by the kids (offered by my fencing club if there are any takers) ...


May. 31st, 2009 07:34 pm (UTC)
It arrived safely! Mum thinks they are amazing too!

Are you sure you didn't break Bristol? Or steal a conductor?