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Well I'm back, about to start my masters at Bristol on Monday. Since my last entry I have graduated, which the parentals ruined by complaining the whole time; my little brother has failed his A-levels, but got onto a foundation degree in Plymouth and moved out, I found a job as a temp agency worker packing cheese. This final point explains my absence, I have been working the most stupid shifts, 6am-2pm, or 2pm-10pm or one one day and the other the next....That is now fortunately all over.

Slightly concerned atm. On the way home from Dorchester with Mum earlier she was saying how the only thing keeping her and Dad together were me and my brother, and when I move out to start the PhD she will be off, if not sooner. She has been threatening divorce for years, but never put a date on it. I'm now not sure how to react. I want them together, but all they do is annoy each other and mum shouts and sometimes takes it out on me. It might be easier if they separated, but I fel guilty for feeling like that. We shall see I guess...

Now I'm back in front of my laptop much more often I'll be able to update more often, which is awesome as I have missed my LJ! This is ofc assuming reading permits, but I was normally behind at undergrad and still managed a 2:1 so I can hopefully pass anyway!! On a lighter note, I'm off out tonight to my neighbour's birthday thing, which will be my first night out in ages, so am tres excited!